Top 25 STEM Professors in Ohio

Top 25 STEM Professors in Ohio

STEM Professor in Ohio

General education requirements at most universities include a body of studies in the STEM fields. The STEM subjects — science, technology, engineering, and mathematics — form the academic backbone of a liberal arts or applied science education. The universities and colleges in Ohio are staffed by distinguished faculties who teach in one or more STEM field. Some teach in interdisciplinary programs, while others offer specialized courses to upper division or graduate students who are majoring in a STEM field.

All of the Ohio professors on this list, however, are celebrated for achievement in the teaching, mentoring and conducting research into their STEM specialty. Some direct research teams at university labs or mentor graduate students who are preparing for their college careers. Others pioneer their own inquiries into fields like information technology, astronomy, mathematics, biotechnology or nuclear science. They hail from large, medium and small universities across the Buckeye State. What they all have in common is a commitment to academic excellence.

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Alexander Arhangelskii Ohio University

Dr. Arhangelskii, mathematician, has received faculty honors both at Ohio University and at the University of Moscow. His research interest in topology has led to over 225 scholarly publications..

Alexis R. Abramson Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Abramson is a nationally recognized leader in nanotechnology research and serves as Associate Professor in Case Western University’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Andrew J. Steckl University of Cincinnati

Dr. Steckl, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Ohio Eminent Scholar & Carl Gieringer Professor of Solid State Electronics, is founder of the Center of Integrated Electronics and the UC Nanoelectronics Laboratory. He has garnered more than $16M in research funding for the university.

Ashwin Lall Denison University

Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Dr. Lall is co-chair of Denison’s Big Data Analytics workshop. He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Rochester.

Bradley Clymer The Ohio State University

Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dr. Clymer specializes in the processing and capture of medical images. His engineering experience includes work with the Advanced Subsystems Department of Hughes Aircraft Company Space and Communications Group.

Brian McEnnis The Ohio State University - Marion

Dr. McEnnis, who has served on the Marion faculty since 1978, is recognized for outstanding educational outreach. He served the greater Ohio community through service, coordinating the state Mathematics Contest and establishing Marion’s Science CafĂ©.

Dan Fleisch Wittenberg University

Known for his best-selling A Student’s Guide to Maxwell’s Equations, Dr. Fleisch is a former recipient of Ohio Professor of the Year (2010). The physics professor has also received the Alumni Association Award for Distinguished Teaching and Omicron Delta Kappa award for Excellence in Teaching.

Daniel Stinebring Oberlin College

Dr. Stinebring, professor of physics and astronomy, researches and lectures on astrophysics, radio astronomy, and pulsars. He and his students visit observatories and radio telescopes around the globe.

Declan Keane Kent State University

Dr. Keane has gained international acclaim for his work in experimental nuclear science. He leads students in research projects at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York. He claims that “physics is the coolest science”.

Dominique Durand Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Durand is Director of the Neural Engineering Center and the E.L. Lindseth Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Neurosciences, Physiology and Biophysics. The International Research Promotion Council called him global leader in neural engineering and the control of epilepsy.

Hem Raj Joshi Xavier University

Dr. Joshi, associate professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Xavier, has most recently taught senior seminars in math as well as introductory and advanced calculus. He earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Tennessee.

Jason Heikenfeld University of Cincinnati

Dr. Heikenfeld, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, has earned international recognition for his work in the field of electrofluidics. His discoveries in devices and electrowetting technology are integrated into many of today’s commercial and research display applications.

Jessica Winter The Ohio State University

Dr. Winter has been honored with Inventor of the Year, TechColumbus Innovation Awards, 2013; OSU Early Innovator Award, 2012; and OSU Distinguished Undergraduate Research Mentor, 2011. She works with nanoparticles and biological elements to create nanoscale neural prosthetic devices..

John E. Hofferberth Kenyon College

Dr. Hofferberth, assistant professor at Kenyon, received his award for excellence in teaching undergraduate chemistry and graduate-level chemistry and biochemistry seminars. He earned his Ph.D. from The Ohio State University.

John Kopchick Ohio University

Professor of molecular biology, Dr. Kopchick leads an OU laboratory dedicated to research on aging and diabetes. He investigates the actions of the growth hormone and ties his studies to issues in contemporary society.

Jorge E. Gatica Cleveland State University

Dr. Gatica is Professor and Graduate Program Director of the Department of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering where he mentors undergraduate minority and high-school students. He teaches courses in applied mathematics, reaction engineering, transport phenomena and engineering numerical methods.

Khristo Boyadzhiev Ohio Northern University

Professor of mathematics, Dr. Boyadzhiev was honored by Mathematical Association of America in 2013 for his “analytical approach that mixes combinatorics and analysis”. He earned his Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Sofia, Bulgaria.

Kimberly Musa Specht Denison University

Dr. Specht, Associate Professor of Chemistry, investigates the combinations of synthetic organic chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology. Her courses focus on general and organic chemistry. She earned her doctorate from Princeton University.

Kiril A Streletzky Cleveland State University

Dr. Streletzky is an associate professor of physics at Cleveland State University’s College of Science and Health Professions. His research interests include dynamic light scattering, polymer dynamics, and photon correlation spectroscopy. He is a previous winner of CSU’s STEMM teaching enhancement awards.

Lew Ludwig Denison University

Dr. Ludwig, associate professor in Dennison’s Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, conducts research into knot theory and set theoretic topology. He is a former recipient of Mellon Faculty Career Enhancement Program and NSF grants.

Matt Kahle The Ohio State University

Dr. Kahle’s academic interests include probability theory and geometric group theory. He earned his PhD in mathematics from the University of Washington and previously served at the School of Mathematics at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton.

Mihai Caragiu Ohio Northern University

Dr. Caragiu is a Professor of Mathematics at Ohio Northern. A professor of a wide range of courses across the math curriculum, He has 11 journal publications with undergraduate students as co-authors.

Mike Bond The Ohio State University

The National Science Foundation honored Dr. Bond, Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, with its early career honors. His interests include programming languages, software systems, security, runtime systems, and compilers.

Ron Solomon The Ohio State University

OSU mathematics professor Dr. Solomon and his research team were honored for foundational discoveries in finite simple groups, presented to the American Mathematical Society. He is a key contributor to mathematics journals around the world.

Ye Zhao Kent State University

Dr. Zhao, assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science, mentors students at the Visualization and Graphics Lab at Kent State. The Google Award will support his research in high dimensional data visualization.